Margaret Miller

Seeing and Believing - The Art of Nancy Burson

002 Magazine | August 1st, 2002


Photographer Nancy Burson ponders the same questions as the rest of us: What would I look like if I'd been born in a different culture, of a different race. Would I be able to love a child born with a disfiguring disease? The difference between Burson and the rest of us is that she has turned her thirst for answers to these inquiries into a lifetime pursuit.

Her work was displayed in the Blaffer Gallery on the University of Houston campus, along with "The Human Race Machine," an interactive computer station that maps and measures a viewer's features, then transforms them into those of an Asian American, an African American, or a Middle Easterner. It can also digitally age and alter someone's appearance to show how he or she will look decades from now. This is one of my favorite articles in my portfolio!