Margaret Miller

Over the years, my targeted writing skills have helped companies, colleges, agencies, and non-profit organizations of all sizes achieve success. Here is some of my representative work. To view more, click Writing samples.

Delta Waterfowl proposal

Grant Proposals

In my current job as a writer at Delta Waterfowl, I produce grant proposals to fund the organization's programs and initiatives, as well as marketing and com...

Trinity's Commitment to the San Antonio Community

Case Statements

In my role as Development Writer at Trinity University, I created this leave behind piece describing the University's commitment to the San Antonio Community...

Baker Institute brochure

Brochures + Direct Mail

I produced this membership brochure for The Baker Institute, a nonpartisan, data-driven think tank located on the campus of Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Norton Rose Fulbright


I created this ad and others for Norton Rose Fulbright, a global law firm.

Minority Rule - How administrators at EPCC meet the needs of a multicultural population

Published articles

During my time teaching English at El Paso Community College, the school was awarded a large grant for successfully meeting the needs of its largely Hispanic...

Black, White, and E-Read All Over - A User's Guide

Published articles

Creative Living, a publication I've written for since 1977, asked me to write this buyer's guide focusing on e-readers just after they hit the market in 2010.

Raising kids to embrace and celebrate difference

Published articles

While typically used in a pejorative sense, the word "prejudice" simply means "prejudgment." Over time, we all tend to generalize or stereotype individuals o...

Annual report

Brochures + Direct Mail

A Houston organization whose mission is to provide child abuse prevention programs needed a compelling annual report. I pitched this idea to the graphic arti...

The Perfume of Chalkdust

Published articles

After a 20-year sabbatical, I returned to teaching last January. Houston Community College needed an adjunct professor in the English department to teach exp...

Family Ties - Seven steps to becoming a post-divorce parent your kids can count on

Published articles

This article is based on a book that my former husband and I are co-authoring about parenting after divorce.